Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back from Kuala Lipis...

Yeah i'm back...kejap je blik kg...balik kali ni pun sbb ada orang kahwin...

nways, during the wedding ceremony I sort of became an unofficial photographer...mentang2 ada kamera baru terus nk tunjuk terer..haha...dah la bawak zoom lens jauh je... bler nk amek gmbr family picture kene step back jauh gler baru dpt amek suma org...:)

I saw this view outside of our hotel window

My mom's old house

banyak lagi gambar tapi malas nk convert jadi jpeg...haha...later...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random update

This is just a short update..

Truth be told, nothing much really seems like Sunway pyramid is my 2nd home..haha...

Oh ya, currently addicted to the twilight saga...currently reading eclipse....Edward Alice Cullen comel...:)

I'm going to balik Kampung (Kuala Lipis) tomorrow for a couple of days, hoping to get some nice pics there

I have also signed up for flickr...though the pics still kambing a bit...jangan gelak weyh..... but i'll improve, hopefully..

p/s: I like this group here.. no instruments used...100% mouth-work

Thursday, July 16, 2009

meet my new bebeh~

i know I wrote in an earlier post that i'll be buying an SLR at the end of this year, but it seems we have a change of plans...I've already bought it...haha...

Olympus e-520
bag, tripod and compact flash card (2gig) included
2 zoom lenses

this is my first try using this SLR so don't be too harsh on me...

The olympus e-520

my birthday don't forget..:)

hologram touch screen..haha..playing wit the shutter speed

I should start a photoblog now eh?..or maybe open a flickr account...:)

p/s: I planning to name this camera, but haven't thought of one yet...i'll get back to you on that one...:)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest

July 11 : Birthday of Father Dearest
Location : Ooh Cha Restaurant, KL

Makan Sireh je?..Cheapskate punyer anak

td appetizer baru the real thing...:)

Sempena my dad's birthday these are some secrets to staying young:
1. Eat healthy - that means no ice, no carbonated drinks
2. Live honestly - stress gives you wrinkles
3. LIE ABOUT YOUR AGE - most important...this way you can always stay young...:D

Friday, July 3, 2009

mengapa pyramid Malaysia lg best drpd pyramid, Giza

A few days back, I just went to Sunway Pyramid...and I wondered why Pyramids in Giza is more famous than Sunway Pyramid..let's compare:

1. Air-conditioned
2. ader wayang, ice skating & etc.
3. hieroglyphs lagi lawa dan baru
4. ada parking lot, bler parking kosong berlampu hijau
5. masuk free

Panas giler .1
cuma ader pasir .2
hieroglyphs dier mcm org zaman dulu yg bwat..suda buruk dan berdebu .3
blh msk guner kuda, unta atau jln kaki je .4
masuk kene bayar .5

Sunway pyramid
tgk, lawa je..mata dier ada lampu lg

Pyramids of Giza
tgk....muka sphinx pun x nmpk clear...

P/s/p : kpd ancient egyptians and pharoahs yg kecik hati membaca post ni...maaf yer...nnti aku suruh GMN bina pyramid baru dkt egypt....HAHA