Wednesday, May 26, 2010

yeay!! it's my 101st post!!

yeap's true...I have posted more than 100 posts already.. time does fly by...

sekarang da tepat 1 tahun 5 bulan dan 12 hari sejak aku mula buat blog ni... kla, nombor tu aku lbh krg r...

coincidentally, today I checked and found out my followers have reached 201...
wow~ 201 followers on my 101st post on the 501st day I blogged (kay, this last number is made up)...:)

sempena milestone ini, aku nk bercerita tentan mcm mana aku mula berblogging...

actually, this is not my first blog.. my first blog is blog lama tu bler baca balik sangat lame and aku buat blog tu utk closest of friends je pun...bkn utk public pun...xpe la, x payah tekan la link tu...maluu...*blush*..haha....

truth be told, I started this blog only so that my family in Malaysia know what happens here in lama-kelamaan, seronok plak menulis blog ni.. at least it practices my creative side of my brain... :D

p/s: to those that followed me, thanx coz membaca aku merepek sorang2 dkt sini..haha

p/p/s: today during study group, tibe2 terjadi satu photoshoot session..

I can hear myself think..haha

stress with exam? want to shoot yourself?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my first attempt at HDR pix...

this is my first try using the HDR technique... combining 5 pictures of the same scene using different shutter speed..

this is the view of the street that I lived in....I wanted to take a picture of a donkey that parked in front of my tuan punyer die ada dkt segan..haha...sorry cha'a, after the exams I'll take that pix..promise...:)

for a closer look, pls click on the picture..:)

p/s: another semester, another PBL group to be missed...:)

mina & talal absent

Saturday, May 8, 2010

another song for mother's day

Sempena hari ibu...saya akan meng-publishkan satu lirik lagu...actually it's the lyrics of the song that I published in the last post..."queen of my heart" by Amirah Ali...enjoy...

Queen of my heart
by: Amirah Ali
I treasure all the times
When were

And Mama
Though now I have grown
I still need your love
To make me whole

Everywhere I go
Everything I see
Youll always be
The Queen of my Heart.
Every step I take
Every dream I make
Youll always be
The Queen of my Heart

Through your prayers
Can I face the world
And reach for my dreams
As how I see

And if I fall
I know that I can count on you
To help me face
The world again

Though were far apart
You are always in my heart
And I remember all that youve done
Oh Mama
Although I may seem subdued
It is your love
That helps me through

If y'all wanna hear the song, pls go to my last post...malas nak publish dua kali..;D

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I learnt theres a new Malaysian artist because an egyptian gave me a CD

a Couple days ago, I went to wasn't planned, very we didn't know what to the end, we watched 'daybreaker'..kinda cool vampire movie...not a must-go-to-cairo-now-to-watch-the-movie type, more of a let's-download-the-movie-and-watch-it-on-a-Friday-night type of movie...know what I mean?...:)

on an unrelated note, while I was wandering around the mall in cairo, there were people giving out CDs and free clorets. the CD was a compilation of club songs, so I wasn't very intrigued but I wanted a clorets so I went up to them.

when I read the list of songs at the back of the CD I found there was a Malay-sounding name.. Amirah Ali and the song was katakanlah. I mean, like, wow! it was a compilation with all this arabic names & some Caucasian dudes tapi lepas tuh, track number 6--- Amirah Ali..

Personally, I've never heard of Amirah Ali before. but yesterday I found her youtube account.. she writes some good songs though I don't like all of them...:)

This is the song from the CD I got...

and this is the song that I like most so far..