Saturday, May 8, 2010

another song for mother's day

Sempena hari ibu...saya akan meng-publishkan satu lirik lagu...actually it's the lyrics of the song that I published in the last post..."queen of my heart" by Amirah Ali...enjoy...

Queen of my heart
by: Amirah Ali
I treasure all the times
When were

And Mama
Though now I have grown
I still need your love
To make me whole

Everywhere I go
Everything I see
Youll always be
The Queen of my Heart.
Every step I take
Every dream I make
Youll always be
The Queen of my Heart

Through your prayers
Can I face the world
And reach for my dreams
As how I see

And if I fall
I know that I can count on you
To help me face
The world again

Though were far apart
You are always in my heart
And I remember all that youve done
Oh Mama
Although I may seem subdued
It is your love
That helps me through

If y'all wanna hear the song, pls go to my last post...malas nak publish dua kali..;D

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