Sunday, September 19, 2010

day 34 - dah lama cuti baru day 34??

well, sorry coz tak mampu nk post a new entry every day sempena that project 101 days of summer thingy.. the day number on the title is not how many days of summer has gone by, instead its the number of entries I managed to post..(except for the holiday entries coz I wanted to show how long was the holiday..:)

to those who celebrate raya, how much duit raya have you received this year? that much..haha
hanya RM20...(not including what my parents gave me sbb my parents x bg dlm sampul so not included..:p)

*sigh* xpe la, raya is about mengeratkan silaturrahim not about the money..(nk sdap kan hati) nk share satu cerita pasal geng bdak yg think otherwise...

bdak2 : salam!..nk beraya!!.

aku : sorry, xle la..nk kluar da ni (padahl nk pg 7-eleven je)

bdak2 : xpe la, klu cm2 kasi duit raya je blh?...

aku mcm trus wtf?

dahla org sama je dtg stiap hari...*sigh*...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

day ?? - ramadhan's over?...aww, man

this year my sis tak balik sini so tak blh jadikan my niece sebagai model ucapan hari raya macam tahun lepas..

and sperti biasa, wajib mengucap hari raya dgn pantun...
ehm ehem...
beli di pasar ramadhan utk berbuka
tapi pasar di subang way better
ingin ucap selamat hari raya
dan jangan lupa kasi duit raya.

And because dah lama tak post entry di sini...jadi aku akan kasi dua gmbr...:D

photos taken with my olympus e-520 using 50mm f2.0 macro lens..:)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

my laptop is sent for repairs..that's why I haven't updated this blog in a while

yeap....laptop's not with me, ni pun curi guna my dad's comp...;p

anyway, just a quick update...
1) just bought an olympus 50mm f2.0 macro lens...:)
2) so far puasa penuh....*thumbs up*..haha
3) baru beli ps3, so spending most of my time playinf ffxiii (kena abeskan sblm blik egypt
4) baju raya da beli (merah!) - sapa nk boria sila beli dkt tangs di empire..haha...jk jk...jgn beli yg sama!...

btw, these are some cool youtube vids my bro showed me.....

he's definitely a stop-motion genius...

this is actually an interactive vid..just turn on your annotations and you can play it..:)