Sunday, September 19, 2010

day 34 - dah lama cuti baru day 34??

well, sorry coz tak mampu nk post a new entry every day sempena that project 101 days of summer thingy.. the day number on the title is not how many days of summer has gone by, instead its the number of entries I managed to post..(except for the holiday entries coz I wanted to show how long was the holiday..:)

to those who celebrate raya, how much duit raya have you received this year? that much..haha
hanya RM20...(not including what my parents gave me sbb my parents x bg dlm sampul so not included..:p)

*sigh* xpe la, raya is about mengeratkan silaturrahim not about the money..(nk sdap kan hati) nk share satu cerita pasal geng bdak yg think otherwise...

bdak2 : salam!..nk beraya!!.

aku : sorry, xle la..nk kluar da ni (padahl nk pg 7-eleven je)

bdak2 : xpe la, klu cm2 kasi duit raya je blh?...

aku mcm trus wtf?

dahla org sama je dtg stiap hari...*sigh*...


Girl That Jumps said...

yang 2 tuh i bagi! Sama Sama mie! :P

cya han said...

buat la muke tomey!!
meshti dpt wet aye an..

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