Thursday, August 27, 2009

should I be revising instead of writing this blog?

almost a month left till class resumes...*sigh*....I really shoud be hitting the books right now... I promised myself I'd start revising come august but somehow it didn't happen. maybe it's because if I start revising I have to admit to myself that the holidays are almost over.

quoted from abg. Amin "medicine is a continuous learning process, don't stop revising during the holidays"

well, I must admit...i'm a little rusty...let's try some questions see if I still remember

1. explain the anatomy of the sole..
this is a trick question right?..aren't soles the one that goes to heaven when you die....oh wait, those are souls...

2. explain about the radius..
radius is half the length of a diameter of a is from the centre to the border...

3. explain about fetal heart development
this is a lengthy's something about snails and slugs...something like this story.

well, it seems I really have to start hitting the books.. i'll start this september....

haha..kk..just kidding....i'll start soon

p/s: me & my bro have been doing our traditional beverage for break fasting...the Ultra chocolate milk shake delite (I just made this name up FYI)...Ultraklet for here for the recipe...:)

p/p/s : I'm currently addicted to the song catch me by demi lovato...lovely..

Friday, August 21, 2009

best ke ucap dekat semua orang slamat berpuasa?

wah...akhirnya ramadhan tiba lagi....namun, ramadhan mengingatkan ku tentang suatu perkara yang kurang disenangi....yakni, tinggal lagi SEBULAN lebih sdikit saja lagi ku di Malaysia ini...
(ayat skema sempena ramadhan....ok, takde kena mengena)

*sigh* kjap gler rasa da dkt 3 bulan cuti...bak kata orang barat time flies by when you're in Malaysia...dah la balik egypt nnti terus start kelas...aihh..kena revise balik semua notes pun sambil tulis blog ni tgh baca buku anatomy....ok ok..tipu je....mana ada bawak balik buku anatomy..heh...

nways, these are a few pix I took...

dkt depan aquaria, KLCC
just bought a polarizing filter...I love this filter

p/s:ramadhan kareem li kullu muslimeen..abla sobah akul ma'kulat kitir kitir, lau la', ba'din antum ga'an magnun...fakir awalan ba'da kiddah ana gai hinna...tamanta ashar... mafish fakkah....yeay!!

N.B.: to org yg tatau bahasa arab basically maksud dier happy ramdhan tu evryone...yeay!!..:)

footnote: percaya la sgt translation tu..aku mengarut apa bukan korang tau pun...haha..

Monday, August 17, 2009

Promoting H1N1 awareness

Sempena kadar kematian Malaysia da sampai 60++...I would like to promote h1n1 awareness...

the H1n1 SONG!!....:)

p/s: district 9 is definitely a must-see movie....damn best...ala-ala cloverfield ckit....although ending dier dissapointing kalau nak pegi tandas tuh tunggu last 10 minits baru pg..:)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

kenapa untuk microsoft word pun ada exam??

ari2, ada someone asked for a b&W pic of my here it is..


yeap...I have to a test for MS word, powerpoint, excel bla bla bla....xpe la, dapat internet free..can't complain there...:)

BTW, yesterday I went to see setem...definitely a must-see!!....very nice plot, funny jokes and a nice twist at the end...but I think if they deleted the Malacca scene at the end it will be better... oh, is it just me or does diana danielle look like jessica alba?..just me kot...haha...senyap r...

I took this last week dkat dpan KFC wangsa maju..

p/s: currently addicted to Lenka....again....the first time I liked all the songs in an album...been hearing the album repeatedly for days...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Her full name is Lenka Kripac

last sunday went to OU to watch lenka live in person...supossed to meet safwan & hanif there tapi diorang sesat...*sigh*...oh well, their loss...

definitely had a great time...I got called up by the emcees to answer a question and win a CD...It was an easy question..."what was Lenka's full name"...ok sbnarnya sblm ni the day before tgh bsan baca wikipedia ternampak full name dier..:)

agak teruja la bler dapat CD tuh...kalau bukan CD lenka at least Amy mastura ke...tapi bler buka wrappings dier......VCD KARAOKE....*hampa*..dah la lagu dier gler kambing...aspalela, joget lambak and etc. etc. *sigh*

but I was kinda grateful I was called up coz I was able to stand at the front row...Great view

first, there were opening acts by amy mastura & aliff...I must admit, I liked Amy mastura's new song..though I can't say the same for Aliff's...

Singing a song from her new album "happy"

Singing "Stop"

then..It's Lenka time..:)

sang 5 songs in total -
trouble is a friend
, don't let me fall
, dangerous & sweet
, the show
, I will not grow old

"And just enjoy the show"

yeap, definitely had a good time...even got her to autograph my Lenka album...:)

P/s: jangan risau..nnti aku bawak vcd karaoke tu ke egypt kiter karaoke sama2 ye anep....aku tau ko teringin...haha