Thursday, August 27, 2009

should I be revising instead of writing this blog?

almost a month left till class resumes...*sigh*....I really shoud be hitting the books right now... I promised myself I'd start revising come august but somehow it didn't happen. maybe it's because if I start revising I have to admit to myself that the holidays are almost over.

quoted from abg. Amin "medicine is a continuous learning process, don't stop revising during the holidays"

well, I must admit...i'm a little rusty...let's try some questions see if I still remember

1. explain the anatomy of the sole..
this is a trick question right?..aren't soles the one that goes to heaven when you die....oh wait, those are souls...

2. explain about the radius..
radius is half the length of a diameter of a is from the centre to the border...

3. explain about fetal heart development
this is a lengthy's something about snails and slugs...something like this story.

well, it seems I really have to start hitting the books.. i'll start this september....

haha..kk..just kidding....i'll start soon

p/s: me & my bro have been doing our traditional beverage for break fasting...the Ultra chocolate milk shake delite (I just made this name up FYI)...Ultraklet for here for the recipe...:)

p/p/s : I'm currently addicted to the song catch me by demi lovato...lovely..


syazana zahidah said...

good luck buddy!!

koshary said...

mu mengingatkan ku untuk study.
baru ku sedar ku tak study.
ohh bagaimana mahu study?

[e.i.y.k.a.a] said...

haha. holidays memang purposely made to keep us away from books.
at least i think so.

and believe me, im currently experiencing this too.
and worse, unlike you, i've got only 2 weeks before class started. pfft.
medicine IS tough.

btw, ive just found ur blog.


Anonymous said...

xnk study ag! how? T.T

Keyrana said...

follow aku boleh? huhu

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