Sunday, August 2, 2009

Her full name is Lenka Kripac

last sunday went to OU to watch lenka live in person...supossed to meet safwan & hanif there tapi diorang sesat...*sigh*...oh well, their loss...

definitely had a great time...I got called up by the emcees to answer a question and win a CD...It was an easy question..."what was Lenka's full name"...ok sbnarnya sblm ni the day before tgh bsan baca wikipedia ternampak full name dier..:)

agak teruja la bler dapat CD tuh...kalau bukan CD lenka at least Amy mastura ke...tapi bler buka wrappings dier......VCD KARAOKE....*hampa*..dah la lagu dier gler kambing...aspalela, joget lambak and etc. etc. *sigh*

but I was kinda grateful I was called up coz I was able to stand at the front row...Great view

first, there were opening acts by amy mastura & aliff...I must admit, I liked Amy mastura's new song..though I can't say the same for Aliff's...

Singing a song from her new album "happy"

Singing "Stop"

then..It's Lenka time..:)

sang 5 songs in total -
trouble is a friend
, don't let me fall
, dangerous & sweet
, the show
, I will not grow old

"And just enjoy the show"

yeap, definitely had a good time...even got her to autograph my Lenka album...:)

P/s: jangan risau..nnti aku bawak vcd karaoke tu ke egypt kiter karaoke sama2 ye anep....aku tau ko teringin...haha


diyanah said...

jelez.jelez. lgu lenka sme best2. jelez kt ko. aish~

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeeeee....aku trasa jeles yg amat!

koshary said...

naseb baek ak roger ko..haa.kalo dakk.heh

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

omg..serious jealous..nak gi tgk gak..tapi x berkesempatan..tsk2..

♥ஐsurina chewஐ♥ said...

gosh!!its Lenka..i love her songs so much!!!
so good u can c her in live...

wazee! said...

aaaa lagu LENKA best!nyway,title of the last song yg die nyanyi tu,"we will not grow old" but,x kesah laa.u salah type sikit je :)

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so good u can c her in live...Good..

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