Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adakah anda curious tentangku?

I just signed up to this cool website where you can ask me any questions...and aku akan jawab soalan itu...yeah...just click here..

Sabtu ni, first day of my final exam...*sigh*...da tak larat stadi da...let's get it over with...BRING IT ON, EXAMINATION!!!..haha

sempena exam, aku telah membuat gambar ini untuk menjadi inspirasi..(bukan nak stadi..ish ish ish)....

wish me luck!!!

p/s: the link to ask me questions has been added to the sidebar under "my life" with the name "Ask me anything"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why I like it longer?

I think the question should be DO I like it longer? I mean, lately while I was blog-hopping I came across numerous blog posts saying that they long things are better. I beg to differ!!

exhibit A

true, a long car can fit a lot of people so you can bring along all your friends along but tell me, can a long car do this?

finding a parking space that can fit a long car is a nightmare....

exhibit B

A long name is a very tedious thing..why?..because then, saying your name would be a mouthful. Imagine, which is easier

"let's go get something to eat, Nik Mohammad Ammiruddin Putera Gunung Ledang Taming Sari Bin Abu"
this name is purely fictitious


"hey, Whatcha doing, Ilmi?"

That's why people create shorten long names...

However, there is one thing that, try as I may, I cannot find any flaws in it even though it is longer than the norm...

the LG BL40 Chocolate

the chocolate is a real looker. It is not just the fact that it's tall and narrow form separates it from the rest of the smart-phone pack, it is also packaged in an extremely neat piano-black casing that made it look sleek and sexy.

Enjoy clearer pictures with the chocolate

If you want to take pictures, you can put aside your iphone as the camera on this baby is a cut above than those on the iphone. The chocolate boasts a 5 mp camera, an LED flash and autofocus..

Now, you can read my blog anywhere

The connectivity is excellent. The extra width of the screen also allows any website (my blog) to fit across the screen. With the chocolate, you don't have to scroll back and forth. The screen also has an aspect ratio of 21:9. That's practically cinematic!!

So now, if anybody asks me Why I like it longer?..I'll answer it's because of LG

Why am I promoting this awesome phone you ask?..It's because nuffnang is holding a contest. Just write a blog entry about "Why I like it longer" and the 3 most creative post gets the phones. Send the permalink of your entry to by by 14th of Feb and you're done.. simple eh?

for more info, click the word "for" at the beginning of this sentence..:)

oh yeah. and don't forget to include the image at the bottom of your post..what image?...this image below....

Friday, January 15, 2010

kini thesis sudah selesai, sudah tiada alasan yang tinggal untuk tidak stadi

lama sial x update blog ini....jangan salahkanku..salahkan hard disk ku yg rosak... skarang pun walaupun da repair tp still ada prob ckit menyebabkan x blh install driver graphic card.. jadi xboleh maen game...mcm mana nak hidup tanpa game2 kesayangan?...

maybe this is a sign...exams da dekat...maybe this is a sign telling me to study and decrease the amount of gaming time...hmm...probably not...haha

oh yeah.. all my songs are gone due to my hard disk can anyone give me suggestions on what songs to download..preferably something upbeat...:)

Quote of the day : "There are two kinds of people in this world- there are men, and there are women" - quoted from the movie (500) days of summer

Friday, January 8, 2010

curi guner computer roommate

bad computer da rosak...not sure bler siap repair...hopefully esok, this is just a quick update...just wanna tell you to watch this...

sangat mengharukan...:)

Friday, January 1, 2010

New year's activity~


lambat ckit wish...haha...xpe la...bak kata org tua, better late than never....tak gitu?..haha

so, 2009 sudah habis...2010 bermula....memories of 2009?...hmm.. quite a few actually...let's list down the top 10 (ikut turutan ia berlaku)...

memory #1 : the birth of this blog~ (then, the blog name was blogku bukan untuk mencapap)
memory #2 : trip to france (first overseas trip without adult supervision)
memory #3 : summer holiday in Malaysia (home sweet home
memory #4 : got my first DSLR camera
memory #5 : the Lenka Concert [got an autographed cd....:)]
memory #6 : trip to madrid (baru sedar yang makan toast dgn jam sgt sdap..haha)
memory #7 : trip to dublin ( great time with the family)
memory #8 : watching avatar (graphic lawa sgt so terpaksa masuk top 10 memories..haha)
memory #9 : played LOTR : battle of middle earth for 10 hours straight with housemates (7pm to 5 am)
memory #10: End-of-year dinner (hard work but definitely puas ati)

wow, I just realized that this year I've been to 5 different countries XD

there you top 10...)actually these are just memories that came to mind...ada lagi sbnarnya) what are yours?...

p/s: in Egypt, there is no new year's we had to make our own...

main course for the night : 2 roasted whole chicken with bread stuffing...buat sendiri..:)

menu for the night :
2 roasted chicken with bread stuffing
mashed potatoes in garlic flavoured gravy
strawberries dipped in chocolate

sempat maen bunga api lg..
(jangan ikut budak2 ni...maen bunga api dlm rumah...nnti mak marah)

p/s/s : dah masuk 2010 ni aku da rasa tua r...*sigh*