Monday, March 22, 2010

I only entered the talentshow to get some cool pix..haha

yeap.. last week was the talent was quite fun actually, a chance to blow out some stress..
of course we didn't get the top 3...but we got some cool pix..haha

the pre-show

nice tags..:)

the boys of istad Gam'a (BIG for short)

the stage was really cool...:D

the next day, we had the annual dinner...a chance to wear fancy clothes...haha

Sunday, March 7, 2010

chat box finally here!!

yeap...I finally inserted a chat box in my blog..A couple of people asked me to put up a chat box but I'm too lazy..haha...well, today I feel a bit, you can find it in the sidebar on the right..:)

I am now addicted to took me awhile to download them but I have downloaded 13 episodes...(13's the latest right?)..I'm now averaging 3 episodes a day...that's a lot considering I have an assignment due tomorrow (PBL stuff is also an assignment..:D)

this is one my favourites so far...yeap...

p/s: I'll be entering a talent show...auditions this week...but I don't know what song to perform yet...any ideas what song I can perform?.(instruments = 1 guitar, 1 keyboard, 1 drums)

p/p/s: I noticed that I've been posting a lot of youtube vids lately...I'm getting addicted to the that a bad thing?..haha

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm bored of the holidays but I don't want the classes to start

aweird eh?...

but anyways, classes HAS started.....almost a week now...yeap...*sigh*..

well, I had the most UNproductive holiday ever...haha...I'm serious..I felt like a bum..waking up every morning and immediately get hooked on my laptop....I mean, the only times I left my desk was to satisfy my basic needs (eating, etc, etc)

true I did go cairo twice and also conquered the desert...but those were the only productive days.. 5 days out of 3 weeks?...brilliant

well, that's it for today...till next time...

p/s: my housemate showed me this vid...kinda cute song actually...:)