Tuesday, August 17, 2010

day 33 - Fisheye products

yeap..I finally got back the pictures from my fisheye camera...weee~

here are some of them...I only scanned 4 pictures....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

day 32 - wah, bler aku bukak blogger arini ramai gler buat entri wish slamap berpuasa

yesterday I was cleaning out my room and I found this magnifying glass...so apa lagi?..I started to play around with that thing..;p

p/s: susah gler nak focus dkt reflection dlm magnifying glass tuh...

oh yeah, and tidak dilupakan.....

Happy Ramadhan y'all

jangan kantoi ponteng puasa...;p

Thursday, August 5, 2010

day 30-31 - holiday....KK style

landed in sabah yesterday... i'm gonna spend around 5 days here...:)

nothing much happened on the first day..basically just some souvenir shopping and whatnot..
they sell sumpits here..their ammunition too...wonder blh bawak naek kapal terbang tak..hmm
the sumpits are equipped with scopes..so blh snipe org dr jauh...:D

my mom bought some pearls too..

day 2

we went to the tip of Sabah... brochure ckp its the pertemuan of Laut sulu & south china sea.. tp I don't see the difference pun...mcm laut biasa je...(-_-)

tp anyways..quite nice oso the view..

'I am far beyond mortals'

I just realized I'm a mutant...I can float...haha

tmpt ni mcm Alice in Wonderland kan?..haha..nways, dkt sini angin kuat that's why the trees are like that..:)