Friday, January 1, 2010

New year's activity~


lambat ckit wish...haha...xpe la...bak kata org tua, better late than never....tak gitu?..haha

so, 2009 sudah habis...2010 bermula....memories of 2009?...hmm.. quite a few actually...let's list down the top 10 (ikut turutan ia berlaku)...

memory #1 : the birth of this blog~ (then, the blog name was blogku bukan untuk mencapap)
memory #2 : trip to france (first overseas trip without adult supervision)
memory #3 : summer holiday in Malaysia (home sweet home
memory #4 : got my first DSLR camera
memory #5 : the Lenka Concert [got an autographed cd....:)]
memory #6 : trip to madrid (baru sedar yang makan toast dgn jam sgt sdap..haha)
memory #7 : trip to dublin ( great time with the family)
memory #8 : watching avatar (graphic lawa sgt so terpaksa masuk top 10 memories..haha)
memory #9 : played LOTR : battle of middle earth for 10 hours straight with housemates (7pm to 5 am)
memory #10: End-of-year dinner (hard work but definitely puas ati)

wow, I just realized that this year I've been to 5 different countries XD

there you top 10...)actually these are just memories that came to mind...ada lagi sbnarnya) what are yours?...

p/s: in Egypt, there is no new year's we had to make our own...

main course for the night : 2 roasted whole chicken with bread stuffing...buat sendiri..:)

menu for the night :
2 roasted chicken with bread stuffing
mashed potatoes in garlic flavoured gravy
strawberries dipped in chocolate

sempat maen bunga api lg..
(jangan ikut budak2 ni...maen bunga api dlm rumah...nnti mak marah)

p/s/s : dah masuk 2010 ni aku da rasa tua r...*sigh*


kerangRebus said...

konset lenka?best kew?

avatar mmg tbaek +_+

YnaaOhYnaa said...

wah lawa pictures bunge api tu..
hee btw epy new yr

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