Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winter's over....hang your jackets and unpack your swimming trunks...

so grab your stuff and lets all go outside
bang your head to this tune in your ride
leavin' all you cares right behind
for the summertime
everybody starts to feel the vibe
Drinks are in cooler chilled on ice
lay back and unwind cause
nothing else matters
for the summertime

haha....title mcm nk pg mandi laut je...klu duduk alex xpe gak..ni tak kan la nk terjun dlm nile yg x pasti kebersihan dier... kk..back to the story

Winter here is at its end. No more going out in jackets and scarves,no more mist...However, the weather now its kinda weird, not hot enough to go out in just a tshirt but not cold enough to wear a jacket. basically, standing in the sunlight can make you feel hot, but a sudden breeze can make you shiver...tp lately, makin lama makin panas.i'm dreading the weather in june. 
Recently, there seems to be more rain. I think the rainy season heralds the end of winter. spring bnyk hujan kan?...tp due to bad drainage (or should i say NO drainage) jalan raya penuh lecak & lumpur klu hujan...klu pakai selipar mmg jeans pnuh lumpur r...
The road outside my house after it rained...

This is another story, 
Pada pagi nan indah ini (indah ke?...berabuk je) aku bersama kucai, danial & anep pergi area gala'...kucai nk cari usb hub...tibe2,ktorang jumpa kedai yg ade lekat dkt pintu dier "harga istimewa untuk pelajar Malaysia"....aku cek dlm, org arab punyer kedai...uih..pandai arab ni nk tarik pelanggan.....da la dlm bm tulis...sapa la budak melayu yg dier minx tlg ni....haha...

Di depan kedai compu1 berhampiran gala'

mouse vaio..20genih...bargain.(knfm x ori...tp asal nmpk ori sudeyh...siap dgn kotak lg)


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DhiNai said...

in between hot & cold...that's spring (and also autumn) for you! ;)
actually same here in dublin, that's why they call it 'April Showers' (tapi ni baru march laa heheh)
i usually wear a pair of boots or shoes yg cover penuh coz of the rain and the lecak...try buy yg murah kat sana kalau ada, bole pakai sampai rosak! ;p
one thing for sure, summer egypt sure lagi panas laa huhuhu

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