Saturday, June 5, 2010

projek 101 days of summer starts on 13th june 2010...:)

1 day left..not including today..

*sigh* examinations are, wish me luck..:)

p/s: starting next week, right after I finish my exams.. I'm gonna start a personal keep myself busy this holiday.. I call it 101 days of summer (yeah, I got the name from the movie 500 days of summer..:D) here are the rules:

1. there must be a picture to represent each day for 101 days
2. the picture may not be taken on the day itself but it must be taken by yourself, not googled
3. the picture must somehow describe the day or is significant to the day
4. title of entry must contain the word 'day X' (X being the number of day)

that's about it I guess...these are the rules that I put to myself.. harap dapat buat sampai abes projek ni and tak tinggal stgh jalan..haha...

p/p/s: if any one of ya'll wanna join me in doing this project, you're welcome to join... and kalau nak lagi best, you can send me a link to your blog so that I can do a blog list specially for this. :)
any questions or musykil can be asked at the formspring box at the sidebar here --->


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