Friday, July 23, 2010

day 27-29 - knapa di pulau kapas xde jual cotton candy?

Last couple of days, I went to Pulau kapas...something like an orientation for those that are coming to egypt this year... medic mesir buat...kucai & I was invited to be their photographer......

had a wonderful time~

these are a few of the best pictures I took..

and finally a group shot..

I'd like to thank medic mesir for inviting us to this program...really great experience..had a great time...lpas ni klu ada program lg ajak la lg...;p

p/s: the only downside to the trip is that I don't have pictures of myself..suma gmbr org laen je..ada pun ckit je..*sigh* hampa


*~ aRaBeLLa ~* said...

selalu photographer mmg lupe nak amik gambar sendrik..hahah..anyway lawa2 fav yg no 3 tuh..LOL

Anonymous said...

come on..u should post more more pics...hehehe pulau kapas kat terengganu kn?sane ader xtvt snookerling n so on tak??

illmie rozlan said...

Arabella: haha.. Tula.. Amek gmbr org..gmbr sendiri lper...hehe

syakira: yeap.. Di ganu...ada..lawa gak coral dier..cuma bnyk jellyfish je. So lpas snorkelling tu rasa gatal2 kene sengat..heh..

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