Sunday, October 24, 2010

Egypt Race for the cure!!!

yeap... yesterday, there was this annual race to support breast cancer..and I joined!! well, actually I registered for the race but wasn't able to arrive on time..sampai2 je da abes race takpelah, berlakon berlari sudeyh..:)

I also took some pix of the racers
really cool tshirt..:)

there were also breast cancer survivors..they were dressed in pink...

congrats on surviving.. clap clap clap

and finally there was this concert...and everyone started dancing....even though the sound was too loud and too high pitch it hurt my ears.. call me old, but I really didn't enjoy the concert..heh..

really nice experience....but not sure gonna enter it again next year..heh..


Gadis Itu said...

boleh saya grab gambar bunga
a.k.a daun on ur previus posts ??
~picture lover~

Gadis Itu said...

*in ur previous*

illmie rozlan said...

wsalam...blh klu nk guner can you tulis credits to me..thanx..:)

aidahassan said...

awesome la bro.. haha, i wanna join mercy. insyaAllah 1 day, kalu bkesemptn.. yeahh! :))

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