Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eid-ul Adha in Mansoura

this past few days were a really busy day for me...all because of this eid-ul adha celebration...actually, this is my first time coming to these events...I didn't come to the last two celebrations due to certain unavoidable circumstances...well, enough of my ramblings..enjoy the pix

for this event we had around 7 photographers working together..we ended up with 2000+ pictures (only from day 1). so, I can't upload all of them...

even my leg was splattered with blood..that was from a camel if I'm not mistaken

this is the video from the first day


cikpia said...

wowww!!!! menarik!!! esp the camel thing. yer la, mana nak carik unta kat sini kan.... =)

✿ismi:Nauratul Nadiah✿ said...

the 3rd pic is soooo wow~

Amira Athirah said...

mr fotographer yg mmg bkerja bersungguh2 =)

Lyn Sery said...

nice :)

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