Tuesday, January 27, 2009

English oh english

Dear blog,
As you might know, tomorrow is the last exam i have to sit. Although i have declared full independence and have already started my pursuit of happiness yesterday, there is still some nagging worry about the english exam...I mean, this isn't your everyday english exam..this is about medical english. you can't just write a story and be done with it. Example: if they ask you what is paraesthesia?...if you don't know it you can only stare blankly at the paper hoping that an answer would magically appear......which usually doesn't happen btw.

Anyways, despite these worries, I didn't study for it. Not sure why. Maybe the entertainment-seeking part in the temporal lobe overpowers the rational-thinking part in the hypothalamus (macam betul je...padahal main bantai je nama parts of the brain). Maybe the sight of everyone relaxing, watching movies influenced me. Maybe I just don't care because english won't affect my results. Maybe its all three...:)

Well, that's all for today. I'm tired and want to sleep. Hope tomorrow will be easy and i hope i would walk out of the hall without any tingling regret in my cardiac region (acece...bajet gler). sorry, no pix today. tried posting but to no avail. better luck tomorrow i hope. 
nways, tata~

KeSeNgAlAn_DuNiAkU : quoted from the movie "Juno". "Doctors are sadists who like to hear lesser people scream"...Nothing to commen actually, just love this quote. Kalau aku bukak klinik nanti pas2 letak quote ni dkt dinding best x?...ingat customer takut nk masuk x?...haha...XD

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secret girl... said...

erm...mmg..blaja medical term...bosan.tp..kdg2 best...kdg2 xda idea maw tulis ape..erm..geram jep....

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