Saturday, April 24, 2010

carry on reading this post only if you enjoy reading books

I'm sorry for the recent hiatus...I had some problems with my internet connection...sekarang pun masih kambing sedikit connection nih..blame egypt, don't blame me..haha

so, due to my connection being sucky-ish ...I can't upload any pix...*sigh*

so, this post, I'm going to tell you guys about my newest obsession....READING.... no, joke...and I mean obsession, not just a hobby

this started when my housemate found stanza, an application that allows me to read books on my ipod touch...I take about 3 days to finish a book...I have read twice the number of books this MONTH than I did the whole of last YEAR...told ya I'm obsessed ..:p

so far, 2 series dah abis baca...
1) the demonata by Darren Shan (very intriguing, very addictive, very gory)
2)Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan (way better than the movie...and the plot differs from the movie)

I'm currently working on the 39 clues series, a story about something like a treasure hunt but in a grander scale. quite addictive, especially if you're familiar with landmarks from all over the world...:)

yeap..that's all for this post....hopefully, my internet'll get better soon...I miss youtube..haha

quote of the moment :
if shuffling step is a symptom of parkinson's disease...then, more than half of teenagers nowadays are suffering from parkinson's disease...


cha'a lolz said...

gamba keldai?.. :(

mrkerang said...

wow..nice hobby..but seriously, reading books is better than the adaptation of the book into movies kan?
heheheh..... so good luck and selamat membaca!

eyena said...

ilmie,ak nk link y e-book 2 leh??

illmie rozlan said...

cha'a lolz : haha...good things come to those who wait...:)

mrkerang : thx...yeap, most movie adaptation suck...say no to movie adaptation..haha

eyena : ko nk e-book yg mana satu?..aku download suma guner torrent.dkt ..try r cari..sng je..

chaa said...

ok ^^

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