Sunday, April 24, 2011

sorry for the hiatus but please vote for me!!! :D

recently, my friends and I submitted a video into PERUBATAN's video competition. this winner is chosen by the voting of the masses and the judges. so I need everybody to vote!! please please please...

how to vote?
1. first, click on the word awesome. go on, click it. I know you want to.
2. watch the video.
3. if you think it's awesome and would like to vote on this video, press like.
4. if you want to watch other videos entering this competition, click here.
5. spread these links so that other people can vote on their favourite videos... :D :D

p/s : sorry for my long hiatus. I'm not sure why but I couldnt find the time to submit an entry. prolly because my classes starts 9 am and ends at 3/4pm this semester and I just havent got used to it. hmmm...


Izza said...

Wish you guys all the best! :)

Lucka Kaler Oh! said...

gudluck ;)

Mimie said...

All the best for U..

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